Zing Ear ZE-700S-15 Push Button Thermal Breaker 15A

Style: ZE-700s-15-MH
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Zing Ear ZE-700S-15 mini breaker features a reset button. When an overload occurs, the breaker opens allowing the reset button to pop out for visible trip indication.

ZE-700S replaces similar breakers like Carling, Tyco P&B, Rong Feng, Airpax, JoeMex, Yeu Sheng, and Hosiden.

Zing Ear ZE-700S-15 Specifications

  • Condition: New
  • Trip time is delayed based on the amount of overload
  • Input power: 125VAC / 250VAC
  • Dielectric strength: 1500VAC/1 Minute
  • Interrupt capacity: 125VAC x 1000A - 250VAC x 1000A
  • Insulation ressitance: > 100 Mohm
  • Contact endurance: 125VAC x 150% of rated current-500 cycles
  • Reset: Manual push reset / Auto reset
  • Type: 15 Amp mini breaker
  • UR (UL) recognized in US and Canada

Push Button Breaker Applications

  • Power tools like electric bench saws, table saws, routers, and sharpers
  • Drain cleaner machines
  • High-pressure air compressors
  • Electric generators
  • Electric log splitters
  • Piston pumps
  • Electric planers
  • Appliances
  • Exercise equipment like treadmills

For more details about this breaker switch compatibility, please check this page.